FINO 2 Update – June 24

Monitoring Installation and Maintenance Check-up at FINO2 Offshore Research Platform Recent developments at the FINO2 offshore research platform, located 33 kilometers from Rügen, have yielded promising results. The latest installation […]

Innovative Experiments at Deltares

Last week, Deltares hosted an exciting series of experiments conducted by John Fitzgerald from IMPACT-9 , along with Jessica Knoop and Ajie Brama Krishna Pribadi from Ghent University. The team […]

Update on DK PILOT Anholt – June 24

The DK PILOT Anholt project, which focuses on sustainable marine growth and aquaculture, has reported significant progress. In the first year, the growth of Palmaria palmata reached 0.2 kg per […]

Fino 3 Pilot Update – June 24

 Ulva sp. Sampling Campaign The semi-enclosed nature of the Baltic Sea creates a unique environment, characterized by a salinity gradient that significantly influences species composition. Salinity levels range from full […]

Belwind Belgian Pilot Update – May 2024

Bonamia-Free Oysters Ready for Restoration A significant milestone has been reached in the Belgian Pilot with the successful acquisition of bonamia-free oysters for the restoration phase. This includes both adult […]

Samsø pilot update – May 2024

In early 2024, the Samsø pilot established its farm site and obtained the necessary permits. Between April and June 2024, tube plus net systems for mussel production will be established, and nets will be […]

Anholt Pilot Update – May 2024

In May 2023, the cultivation design for the Anholt pilot was completed, marking a significant milestone in the project’s development. By July 2023, all necessary permits for growing seaweed on the farm […]

FINO 3 Pilot Update – May 2024

Significant milestones were reached by installing and preparing the German North Sea pilot’s aquaculture systems to host low-tropic species on site. The German North Sea FINO 3 pilot has achieved […]