ULTFARMS Pilots Unite in Copenhagen for Collaborative Workshop

ULTFARMS has held a productive Pilots meeting on the 23rd and 24th of May in Copenhagen.

The gathering marked the first workshop dedicated to bringing together the pilots of ULTFARMS and focusing on key elements crucial to their development.

The workshop centered around three core aspects of the pilots:

  • System Design
  • Biology & Ecology
  • Monitoring

Each pilot project has its own well-defined tasks and plans, and the aim of the meeting was to foster discussion, share strategies, and synchronize testing and development efforts. This collaborative approach ensures the reduction of redundancies and creates an atmosphere of cooperation among all participants.

The meeting highlighted the significance of Work Packages 3, 4, and 5, along with their respective activities related to the pilots. These work packages play a crucial role in supporting and enhancing the pilot projects within ULTFARMS.

During the workshop, the emphasis has been put on fostering a collaborative atmosphere where ideas and expertise could merge, resulting in the advancement of sustainable practices within the project frame.

By gathering the pilots leads, ULTFARMS aims to leverage collective knowledge and experience to overcome challenges and optimize the development of each of his pilot projects. This holistic approach ensures the smooth integration of system design, consideration of biological and ecological factors, and effective monitoring practices.

The outcomes of the workshop are expected to drive the pilots’ progress, as well as strengthen the foundations for future collaboration and knowledge sharing within ULTFARMS.

Picture: Ajie Brama Krishna Pribadi from the University of Gent, captivating the audience with an incredible presentation.

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