ULTFARMS Empowers Ocean Multi-Use at European Maritime Day

ULTFARMS, a pioneering Horizon Europe Ocean Mission project, is proud to announce its participation at the prestigious European Maritime Day (EMD) event in Brest, held on May 24th and 25th. This significant gathering provides an exceptional platform for ULTFARMS to present and promote its transformative Low-Trophic Aquaculture (LTA) systems, poised to revolutionize the future of sustainable marine farming.

As a visionary project, ULTFARMS aims to optimize LTA systems in challenging offshore conditions and low-salinity environments through the integration of innovative engineering, technical, ecological, and biological processes. By harnessing the power of offshore wind farms located in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, ULTFARMS endeavors to establish a profitable, sustainable, and ecologically sound production chain for low-trophic level species such as seaweed and molluscs.

Led by Deltares, an esteemed independent institute for water and subsurface research based in the Netherlands, ULTFARMS is a 42-month project that commenced on January 1st, 2023, and is set to conclude on June 30th, 2026. The project consortium comprises 25 members representing nine countries, including stakeholders from various value chains of offshore wind farms and low-trophic aquaculture.

The EMD event offers an unparalleled opportunity for ULTFARMS to showcase its innovative solutions, engage with industry experts, and foster collaborative partnerships. The ULTFARMS booth will be an interactive space where attendees can explore the Ocean Multi -use project’s objectives, methodologies, and anticipated impact on the sustainable production of low-trophic level species. The project team will be available to provide in-depth insights, answer questions, and discuss potential synergies with stakeholders.

By participating in the EMD event, ULTFARMS aims to raise awareness about the immense potential of LTA systems and the integration of offshore wind farms. The project’s multifaceted approach aligns with the broader mission of advancing sustainable practices and addressing environmental challenges in the maritime industry.

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