Announcing ULTFARMS´ ISB Members

In our commitment to the continued success and innovation of the ULTFARMS project, we have established the Industry Sounding Board (ISB).

The ISB stands as a consultative assembly, featuring experts from pivotal sectors such as mussel farming, seaweed farming, oyster farming/restoration, and the offshore wind farm industry.

Our prime aim for the ISB is to endow our project pilots with invaluable guidance, ensuring their preparedness for both industry standards and market demands. Through the ISB meetings, pilots are granted an esteemed platform, enabling them to showcase their progress and, in return, gain indispensable feedback from the experienced members of the ISB.

We’re excited to spotlight our esteemed members who bring vast expertise and insights to the ULTFARMS project:

  • Mussel Farming: Addy Risseeuw brings his prowess from the Producers Organisation Mussels. He possesses a deep understanding of offshore low-tropic aquaculture, notably in the domains of mussel farming operations, production techniques, and market dynamics.
  • Seaweed Farming: Harald Sveier from Lerøy Seafood & Ocean Forest enlightens us with his extensive knowledge in offshore seaweed farming, cultivation methodologies, and the potential of the market.
  • Oyster Farming &/or Restoration: Merel den Held, representing The Ritch North Sea, shares her experience in oyster farming and restoration, illuminating the challenges, best practices, and market intricacies.
  • Offshore Wind Farm Industry: Mattia Ceccinato of Wind Europe contributes a robust background in the offshore wind sector, connecting us with the broader network of developers, operators, and market analysts in the field.

Upcoming Event Alert: Dive deeper into the world of multi-use solutions!

We invite you to join our upcoming joint webinar on commercializing multi-use solutions, the UNITED/ULTFARMS.

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