UNITED & ULTFARMS Projects to Present Results to European Commission Tomorrow!

We are delighted to share some exciting news from the world of sustainable ocean multi-use!
Tomorrow, the pioneering UNITED and ULTFARMS projects will present their impressive results to the European Commission. This significant event marks a milestone in our journey towards a more sustainable and efficient use of marine resources.

UNITED Project:

The UNITED project has been a trailblazer in promoting sustainable ocean multi-use. By integrating various activities in the marine environment, UNITED has demonstrated how we can efficiently use our oceans while preserving their ecological balance. From combining aquaculture with renewable energy production to oyster restoration, with its 5 real-world pilots UNITED’s innovative approaches have set new standards in the blue economy.


Building on the success of UNITED, the ULTFARMS project focuses on advancing multi-use practices with a particular emphasis on sustainable aquaculture and renewable energy solutions. ULTFARMS has explored groundbreaking methods to enhance the productivity and sustainability of seaweed and mollusks, ensuring they contribute positively to both the economy and the environment.

Presentation Highlights:

The presentation to the European Commission will cover the comprehensive findings and innovative approaches developed by both projects. This is a crucial opportunity to showcase the potential of sustainable ocean multi-use and discuss the future directions for policy and practice in the marine sector.

Stay Updated:

Stay tuned for updates and detailed insights from the presentation. We will be sharing key highlights and outcomes, so make sure to follow our channels for the latest information.

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