FINO2 Pilot Update – May 2024

Breaking News: Innovative Offshore System Test at the FINO2 Research Station in the Western Baltic Sea

The next generation of novel, modular, aquaculture and nature-inclusive systems was deployed at the Monopile of the FINO2 offshore research platform.
The used designs mark a significant step forward in the realm of combining Wind energy and aquaculture / nature-inclusive design (NID) actions. The novel anchoring techniques allow direct attachment onto the monopile while eliminating harm to its structural integrity. This stands in contrast to traditionally, aggressive screwing or welding techniques that harm the monopile´s structure and increase corrosion.

The pilot´s innovative approach, therefore, enables new combinations of offshore aquaculture / NID actions and wind parks. Security and liability concerns currently limit the number of accessible positions and, therefore, the scalability of any multi-use action.
In German waters alone, there are 1566 monopiles present, which may find additional uses in the future. 

The special frames were designed to facilitate macroalgae cultivation using a rope system alongside nature-inclusive designs to nurture juvenile fish populations.
The systems were positioned at various depths and equipped with sensors for light and temperature. Those innovative systems will provide valuable insights into the suitability of the system for different macroalgae species.
Conducted samplings of flora and fauna strenghten the pilot´s knowldege of the far offshore biological community at monopiles. This is another step forward in fine-tuning our nature-inclusive designs.

In the above figure, the frames with novel anchoring systems for macroalgae and NID (Nature Inclusive Design) actions were deployed at the FINO 2 research platform in the western Baltic Sea. The Successful deployment was granted due to the combined efforts of the ship´s crew, Elisabeth Mann Borgese (EMB), IOW (Photo by IOW), the DNV, and the construction and design, led by FuE GmbH.

The above pictures show samples from the rich flora and fauna found on the Monopile were brought back by the divers and are undergoing identification. Typical species such as the common barnacle; Balanus Balanus, the blue mussel; Mytilus edulis/trossulus (D) as well as the northern horsemussel Modiolus modiolus were found. In addition, various brown and green macroalgae species were found (A-C).

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