ULTFARMS Multi-Use Discussion Group

The LinkedIn group dedicated to the ULTFARMS project is a forum for professionals interested in low-trophic aquaculture, marine space sharing, environmental sustainability, and commercial viability. The group’s focus is on promoting the ULTFARMS project, which is an innovative initiative aimed at increasing Europe’s low-trophic aquaculture capacity through multi-use settings.


The ULTFARMS project seeks to establish a commercially viable production of low-trophic aquaculture in challenging environments while prioritising environmental and biodiversity protection, carbon footprint reduction, and commercial viability. As such, this group is a space for professionals to discuss and share their thoughts on the project’s progress, goals, and findings.


Members of the ULTFARMS LinkedIn group can engage in discussions about the project, exchange ideas and information, and connect with other professionals in the field. Topics of discussion include low-trophic aquaculture techniques, marine space sharing, sustainable practices, and the importance of biodiversity protection.

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