Anholt Pilot Update – May 2024

In May 2023, the cultivation design for the Anholt pilot was completed, marking a significant milestone in the project’s development. By July 2023, all necessary permits for growing seaweed on the farm were successfully acquired. August 2023 saw the conduction of a comprehensive Safety Management Plan (HSE) to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations. In September 2023, the farm installation was finalized, including the setup of ATONs and two longlines, followed by the deployment of seaweed. Between November 2023 and January 2024, the farm underwent inspection and logger data retrieval at highly irregular intervals due to bad weather and, during which storm damage was recorded. In March 2024 permits to grow mussels on the unit was aquired. In May 2024, scheduled farm inspections, longline deployment for mussel farming, and seaweed harvest are set to take place.

Video inspections have provided insights into the status of seaweed growth. After two months at sea (November 2023), sugar kelp exhibited growth of 1-3 cm, and Palmaria palmata showed highly clean biomass. By April 2024, observations indicated low growth of 20-30 cm with pale tips, suggesting nutrient limitations. Further assessments are planned for May 2024. In October 2024, seaweed will be deployed for the second season.

 Submersible tubes will be tested in Limfjorden from  2024 in two ways: as controlled buoyancy tests in the harbour of DTU Aqua with different loads and as in situ tests at a farm unit in the Limfjorden.

On the pictures above show the Anholt site corner markers in the Offshore wind farm and the submersible tube before deployment.

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